Depression is something people don’t take that seriously. In fact I feel like whenever it comes to mental illnesses, people don’t get it that it is killing the patient from the inside even if the affected looks perfectly fit from the outside. I, thanks to God, have never personally experienced it but have a few friends who have gone through or are still going through such phases. And I can bet on it, it is really hard to cope up with let alone get rid of it!

So, if you or someone you love, is going through something like this, here are 5 things you can do to get some relief.


Yes, it helps. Morning walks along with keeping you fit and healthy physically are a great source of stress relief. Imagine walking between those lush green grass with patches of colourful flowers growing. Dew on their leaves and petals. The soothing aroma of damp earth going in through your nostrils. Aah! Imagining it is so satisfying so experiencing it is way relieving and makes you hapy.

2. YOGA:

Yoga has been universally accepted as one of the best (if not the best) way of lessening your anxiety. You don’t have to go to those yoga centres for this. Just fix a time (morning being best) and regularly do your yoga for 15 to 20 mins.


I have seen people use social media or watch tv when they are stressed out and I would highly condemn that. Using electronic devices harms your eyes and might lead to head aches. And don’t opt for e-reading, instead read printed books. Read any type of book you like.


Hobbies make your time pass quickly. They help you deviate your mind from the problems you are facing. Anything you love doing cam be your hobby. It can be the typical ones like gardening or anything crazy like doing nail art.


If you sit down and start jotting down the things ans luxuries you have, i am sure you would endup having a never ending list. So, you should be thankful for all those things you have which others don’t. Being thankful makes you contented about your life, in turn reducing stress.

I know that there are special medicines to cure such illnesses but along with those meds if you make these little changes in your lifestyle, you will have a speedy comeback. Good luck!